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Hey! I'm Mohamad a 22 year old graphic designer and photographer. My interest in design began with my thoughts of how images have the power to affect people's perceptions, tell stories, or evoke strong emotions. As I learned more about the industry and became fascinated by the subtleties of color, the power of layout, and the impact of typography. my fascination quickly developed into a passion.

Graphic designer & Photographer.

In addition to my passion for graphic design, I also found that photography was a creative outlet for me. With my camera, I was able to see the world from a different angle. Embracing the exciting challenge of capturing moments, emotions, and stories in a single frame was something I looked forward to.

  • Birthday: 18 Jan 2002
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  • City: Prague, CZ
  • Age: 22
  • Degree: Bachelors in graphic design
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  • Freelance: Available

I now combine my two passions of graphic design and photography to produce visually striking images that captivate viewers. My aim is to produce work that not only looks good but also conveys a meaningful message, whether it's a candid photo, a poster design, or a brand identity.


I have a lot of courage to learn new things about design and what's related to it. Since my love for design started, I have learned a lot of tools and skills, and I'm still in the process of learning new things.

Adobe creative apps 85%
photography 80%
Blneder 75%
Socia media managment 80%
Microsoft 365 apps 90%


since i started my journy in graphic design i have tried to participate in as many projects and works as i can to get a better experience and learn more, below you can find what i have done so far and what's on going too


diploma in Graphic Design

2020 - 2021

leaders college

I studied here for a 9 month diploma in graphic design and we mostly focused on Adobe suite programs

Bachelor of Graphic Design

2022 - 2025

Prague city university

I'm currently an enrolled student of graphic design at prague city university and i will be graduating by 2025

Professional Experience

Graphic designer and social media manager

2018 - 2020

Altun Bazar

  • Graphic designer, my task was to prepare sales and discount posts for the supermarkets social media
  • Social media managaer, i was also working on their marketing side to promote their posts and discounts they did

Graphic design and social media manager

2021 - present

Varya bazar

  • Graphic designer, I'm responsible for some special designs for their social media.
  • Social media manager, i remotly work on their social media to sponsor/promote their social media pages and posts


my passion for graphic design makes me want to learn new things about graphic design everyday, i have a learned a lot throughout my journy but i always found myself to have a special intrest for 3d, editorial design, and photography. but beside that i also love working on branding and visual identity.

Social media design

I have done many succesfull social media projects projects throughout my journy and i enjoy it very much since it's one of my passion and i believe i'm pretty good at it


beside the fact that i enjoy editorial very much, i also have good skills in editorial design.


I grew up loving light and shadow, working as a photographer is one of my passion, i mostly spend my time taking street or landscape photography but if i have a chance i would love to work on product photography and learn more about it


as a part of working with light and shadow in photography, i love working with light and shadow in 3d as well, it gives me opertunity to creat cinematic scenes.


feel free to contact me or leave me a message:)

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